Love, Joy, Peace...
Bad News and Good News

The good news is that God did for us what we cannot do for ourselves.  He sent His Son Jesus to die the death that we deserve. On the cross, Jesus paid the penalty for sin so that sinners could be free from that penalty. He defeated sin on the cross, then He defeated death by rising from the grave. He now offers eternal life to anyone who will trust Him and believe this good news. The Bible calls this good news the Gospel.   

In other words, the Gospel offers hope for those who realize they are sinners.   

Do you recognize your own sin?  Do you have hope in the good news of the Gospel?

​If you'd like to discuss further the hope that God offers to sinners (all of us), please reach out and we'd be happy to talk with you.  

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved” (Acts 16:31).

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